Wild mushroom and parsley quiche

This wild mushroom quiche is delightfully creamy and full of flavour with Emmental cheese and wild mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and button mushrooms. Parsley, garlic and nutmeg finish the dish. Perfect as a starter or main course!


Pastry: wheat flour, salt, butter, egg yolks, water, yeast

Cream: fresh cream (40%), milk, whole eggs, cornflour, pepper, nutmeg, salt

Filling: Emmental, wild mushrooms (oyster mushrooms, hedgehog mushrooms, black trumpet -mushrooms 21%), garlic, parsley

Nutritional information

Energy: 278 kcal/100g – 1162kJ/100g

Protein: 7g/100g

Fat: 21g/100g

Of which saturated fats: 12g/100g

Carbohydrates: 15g/100g

Of which sugars: 2g/100g

Salt: 125mg/100g





How to cook

Remove the cardboard from under the quiche and heat in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes.

Useful information

Dimensions: 16cm diameter.

Weight: 400g

Storage: 5 days at 4°C (fresh) and 21 days at 4°C (vacuum-packed).