Operation Quiche

Artisan Gourmet can help you to fund your projects!

We can help you make your plans a reality (school trips, educational activities, etc.) by offering you the opportunity to sell Artisan Gourmet quiches and savoury tarts in your school or organization. This initiative is only open to organizations, whether they are a school, a foundation, a sports club or a scout troop.

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How does it work?

It couldn't be easier! To make your project happen, all you have to do is share our range of savoury tarts with your members or students, place a single order for all items and have the parcels delivered to you. Your quiches are ready to eat!


Hand out our quiche catalogue to your students or members, who then pass it on to their friends and family. Collect together the individual orders within 15 days.


Once the individual orders have been added up, you then place a bulk order on our website or by email. In our online platform, you can add the various products you want as your orders come in; everything is automatically stored in your shopping basket.


You receive the fresh products and distribute them as requested.


The advantages of Operation Quiche

  • Easy to organize > everything is provided (catalogues, posters, etc.)
  • Very profitable > you keep over 30% of the revenue for your project
  • Risk free > no outlay, no stock to manage
  • Quality is our speciality!

See the brochure

Operation Quiche went really well. The parents thought they were very good. We were also thinking of running the operation again in February 2020.

Nathalie Michel

Everything was perfect and your quiches are delicious. I've also bought them since from Intermarché in Kain and Carrefour in Froyennes.

Marianne Juste

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